In 1992 a survey of the tower was conducted and a number of significant issues were identified. The most significant problem found was that the bell frame distorts and moves as the bells swing. The effect of this becomes very evident when the bells are run in particular sequences and the movement of the frame can be felt through the ropes which can make the bells very difficult to control. Fixtures and fittings including bearings, clappers and wheels were reported worn, weak and in need of repair or replacement.

The report advised that a full restoration should be undertaken within 10 years and that until the restoration was done that ringing should not take place for longer than 1 hour per week and that some ringing methods should not be attempted. The consequences of not abiding by this decision would have been to risk significant damage to the frame, the tower and possibly to the ringers. Sadly, the bell’s fell silent for the next 20 years due to increased instability of the installation, subsequent loss of ringers and no volunteers to proceed with such a project.


The bells were last restored in 1922


A section of the 1992 report


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